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The estimate calculator, for home inspection & dual radon testing only, is configured with recommend rates established by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors & the Master Inspector Certification Board.

***BTW: 121 PRO guarantees duplicate testing (2 device testing) for every radon inspection at no extra cost. It is too much of a risk not to use 2 devices.


121 PRO partners with leading certified laboratories to provide with you the most accurate results. 121 PRO is the ONLY Arizona home inspection company certified by the EPA & AZDEQ to perform LEAD & ASBESTOS inspections. MOLD inspections are not regulated in Arizona, certification is voluntary: 121 PRO is the ONLY MOLD properly certified home inspection company in northern AZ. Our prices are competitive and based on case by case situations. *Novice mold inspectors offer blanket prices, buyer beware!

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