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NOTES REGARDING THE CALCULATOR BELOW: It works dynamically, as you enter data you get results. The estimate calculator, for home inspection only, is configured with recommend rates established by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Estimates for certified testing of radon and water are in line with market lab rates (including sample collection & lab delivery).

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The EPA recommends all homes to be tested for radon. The following link below will help you understand radon better. If your home tests positive for radon, do not loose hope! There are simple solutions. EPA website with an interactive map for radon information.


Be informed about the types of testing for radon in your new home. There are 3 types of radon testing including professional and certified radon testing

  1. Professional devices or methods approved by AARST, NRPP: These certified devices & processes come with certified radon results.
  2. Devices or methods which are considered high-end consumer grade for non-professional applications (home user): no certified results.
  3. Devices or methods which do not fall into either category above (there are many).

Notes about #2 &#3

Professional level devices are required to be calibrated every year or two years. Items that fall with in #2 & #3 are typically not calibrated by the owner. If someone has a radon testing/monitoring device (besides a radon canister) it is IMPORTANT that you request the documentation of the following: 1) Is the device approved by AARST & NRPP? If 'YES' then ask for the 2) dates of calibration.

Also, it is important to understand that typical radon inspection, when buying a new home, is short term testing: 48 hours. A more accurate test/monitor is one that takes place over the course of 90+ days.


A home inspection is, by definition, a non-invasive visual inspection: We report on what we see. Infrared allows 121 PRO to investigate further: it helps detect an active or recent water leak and/or water damage which cannot be detected with the naked eye. Additionally, infrared can identify energy inefficiencies such as but not limited to poor window performance or missing wall insulation.

An infrared scan can aid in the detection of water leaks or water penetration & inefficient insulation.


Water Testing for Peace of Mind

Public water supply is usually good consumable water. Almost always you can count on quality water but there are those rare occasions that do exist where contaminants enter the water supply through a backflow or cross-connect (EPA link to an article)

Private wells should be on a routine testing cycle.

IAC2 Radon Certified IAC2 Mold Certified